Cold asphalt – application and durability

Road surfaces are made of various materials. Concrete is often used on high-speed routes, and properly compacted aggregates are also common. However, the largest group of materials used is mineral-asphalt mixtures. In their case, it is possible to use hot or cold laying. The latter option is particularly popular when repairing roads and building less frequently traveled sections.

What are the characteristics of cold asphalt?

Asphalt for cold laying does not differ much from the mixtures used in other surface laying techniques. It is characterized by high durability, which is provided by properly selected aggregates of the appropriate fraction. They create the structure of the wearing layer and carry the resulting loads. They are combined with a binder that not only bonds the grains together but also ensures good adhesion to the substrate. Cold asphalt can be used over a wide temperature range from -20 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. No specialized tools are required to fill in gaps or repair surfaces using it. The term “bagged asphalt” is also often used.

When can cold asphalt be used?

Repairs using cold asphalt are quick and easy, provide long-lasting effects, high adhesion of the asphalt mass to bituminous and concrete surfaces, and convenient transportation and storage of the product. The mixture is suitable for use all year round. Another advantage is the wide range of applications. It is used, among others, for repairing and regenerating gaps in road surfaces, streets, and public and private roads. Additionally, cold asphalt is suitable for repairing access roads and driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, crossings, neighborhood paths, park alleys, boulevards, and squares. Other examples of using the mixture include maintaining tram and railway crossings, removing remaining excavations, and repairing surfaces near drainage grates, sewer and inspection chambers. As you can see, cold asphalt (bagged asphalt) has many advantages that encourage the use of this solution.

How to lay cold asphalt?

Cold asphalt, also known as cold mix, is a specially prepared bituminous mixture that does not need to be heated before use. As mentioned earlier, laying cold asphalt is easy and quick, and the entire process can be completed in a few minutes. Before starting work, you should ensure your own safety and the safety of others by placing warning triangles at appropriate distances. Before laying the mixture, the hole must be thoroughly cleaned, and any loose elements in it should be removed. This will ensure the best durability and adhesion of the asphalt. The next step is to fill the entire gap with the product. If it turns out that there is too much mixture, the rest can be put back into the packaging. The next step is to compact the surface. This activity does not require the use of specialized tools; a regular shovel is sufficient to perform it. An electric compactor can also be used, but it is not necessary. After compacting the asphalt, the road is ready for use again.

What are the most common mistakes made when laying cold asphalt?

Although laying cold asphalt is not a difficult task, mistakes can still be made. One of the most common is heating the mixture, which results in the evaporation of the components responsible for maintaining the proper properties of the asphalt. It should also be remembered that the mixture is not used to repair entire surfaces, only individual gaps. Excess mixture should not be used as well. A single layer should not be thicker than 2 cm. If the gap is deeper, several successive compacted layers should be laid. The bottom of the gap can also be filled with regular aggregate. Remembering these rules will allow you to enjoy the best properties of cold asphalt and deal with unwanted gaps for a long time.

Additional information Asphalt roads are essential infrastructure for the functioning of our cities and society. However, to keep them in good condition, they require regular maintenance and repairs. One way that can help maintain good road condition is to use cold asphalt. This type of asphalt is easier to store and apply than traditional hot asphalt, which increases the efficiency of roadworks. A bag of cold asphalt is easy to use and can be used to repair small gaps in asphalt. This is particularly useful in the event of breakdowns that require quick repairs, such as damage caused by heavy rain or strong winds. In such cases, using cold asphalt can help quickly restore the functionality of the road. The efficiency of roadworks is very important because there are many roads, and they require constant maintenance to be in good condition. Using cold asphalt can help increase efficiency and shorten the time needed to repair gaps in the asphalt. As a result, roads will be safer and more comfortable for users.

Summary of cold asphalt

Asphalt is most commonly associated with road construction, but it has many other uses as well. It can be laid hot or cold. The latter option does not require the use of specialized tools, and working with the mixture is easy and quick. Cold asphalt has a wide range of applications and is characterized by exceptional durability. Repairing or filling gaps should take no more than a few minutes. Cold asphalt is ideal for filling holes, and it is a proven asphalt mixture. Thanks to these features, this solution can be considered solid and trustworthy. Of course, before starting work, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of laying asphalt and the most common mistakes. Our mineral-asphalt mixture for cold use has attracted the attention of people who need proven solutions in this area. Additionally, the mineral-asphalt mixture is suitable for all other elements of road infrastructure, both urban and rural.

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