Primer for hot-pour sealants – Bitumer PRIMAL

Bitumer Primal


Bitumer Primal is a high-quality solvent-based polymer solution with added refiners. It is used to prime mineral surfaces before applying hot-applied bitumen products. The material is also used to preserve corroded concrete surfaces. It is an adhesion- enhancing and priming compound for asphalt compounds, bituminous grouts.

  • Ready to use after mixing,
  • Waterproof, immediately after laying on the insulated surface is completely resistant to water flushing,
  • Leaves a colorless coating resistant to chemical agents, i.e. acidic, alkaline environments, oils,
  • Highly efficient, increases the adhesion of bituminous grout to the substrate,
  • Perfectly penetrates deep into insulated surfaces,
  • For brush application,
  • Has good adhesion to dry substrates (concrete, tar paper, eternit, steel structures, etc.),
  • When dry, forms a uniform, strong and flexible coating resistant to weathering and biological corrosion,

Bitumer Primal as a high quality polymer solution is perfectly suited :

  • for making priming and base layers under hot-mix pouring compounds type N1, N2, N10.
  • for making anti-corrosion coatings of concrete,
  • for making coatings that protect mineral surfaces against moisture penetration,

Clean cracks in concrete or asphalt with compressed air or a brush machine. Apply Bitumer Primal to the edge of the crack. The initial layer must completely cover the periphery of the space to be filled, forming a thin transparent film. Before filling the joint with the grout, nthe priming layer must be dry, not dusty, to ensure proper bonding of the primer with the bitumen compound. Do not conduct work in areas exposed to water.


The solution should be thoroughly mixed before proceeding. The compound can be applied to the surface by hand with a paint brush, roller or brush. There is a possibility of spray application.


Perform the work in dry conditions with air and substrate temperature from +5°C to +30°C. The setting time depends on temperature (for temp.20°C full setting occurs after 24h) and air mass movements.


0.2-0.4 kg/m² (depending on the type of substrate)

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