Hot-applied rubberized asphalt sealer

Bitumer sp. z o. o. is a leading manufacturer of hot-pour sealant that meet the PN-EN 14188:1 and 14188:2 norms. The products include:

The materials can easily complement any type of concrete and asphalt joints.

Flexigum N1

Flexigum N2

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Primer for hot-pour sealants

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The hot-pour sealant is designed to fill cracks in various types of surfaces and expansion joints. Depending on the type, the sealant can be used in concrete-concrete, concrete-asphalt, and asphalt-asphalt joints. Depending on the type, asphalt sealants can be characterized by high or low elasticity. Selected ones are excellent as a material for “working” expansion joints.

On the website, you can find three types of sealants. Depending on the type, sealants with high extensibility and those with low extensibility can be distinguished. They are characterized by very high-quality workmanship and resistance to all kinds of outdoor weather conditions. Before starting work, it is necessary to check if the substrate is properly prepared. Above all, it must be dry and clean, so all remnants of oil and loose pieces should be removed. Proper conditions guarantee high adhesion and a repair that will last for many years.

Hot-pour sealant – product features:

  • The sealant is characterized by high resistance to atmospheric conditions (rain, frost, or sunlight), making it very resistant to damage;
  • High durability regardless of temperature;
  • Perfectly protects all kinds of surfaces from water penetration;
  • High resistance to the action of acids, bases, and salts;
  • The asphalt sealant has excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete substrates;
  • Depending on the type, the sealant can be used as a material for moving expansion joints and to fill cracks with a slight slope and horizontal ones;
  • The material is highly resistant to both product aging and the filling performed;
  • The material is easy to apply and level;
  • The sealant perfectly fills both large and small cracks in asphalt surfaces.
  • All sealants produced by Bitumer Sp. z o.o. meet the requirements of PN-EN 14188:1 and 14188:2 standards.

Hot-pour sealant – additional information

Bitumer specializes in the production of flexible bituminous sealant, ideal for filling expansion cracks. Expansion joints are structural elements that allow concrete or asphalt elements to expand freely in response to temperature and humidity changes. The maximum allowable joint drop is crucial, as it prevents subsequent surface damage.

Therefore, sealing cracks is a key element of repair works on asphalt surfaces and concrete structural elements. Our sealant works perfectly for filling horizontal cracks and sealing joints.

If you are looking for a professional and effective method for filling expansion cracks, Bitumer’s sealant is the answer to your needs. Our products are perfectly matched to market requirements, and the flexible bituminous sealant ensures reliable and durable sealing of horizontal cracks.

Our Bitumer sealant is indispensable for all types of surfaces, especially those damaged seams and cracks. Using our product strengthens the adhesion of the mass and creates an adhesive layer. For damaged asphalt surfaces and concrete structural elements, our sealant’s task is to seal cracks and fill expansion joints, preventing local overheating.

The fluidity of the mass is crucial, especially in the case of repeated use of the material due to multiple melting and binding of dust residues. This allows the creation of an adhesive layer on mineral substrates and asphalt concrete expansion gap covers. Our Bitumer sealant ensures not only durability and high adhesion but also ease of application and maintaining consistent consistency at room temperature. Regardless of the surface type, our product enables professional sealing of cracks and seams, extending their lifespan and ensuring greater user safety.

The flexible bituminous sealant is an excellent solution for sealing cracks and filling horizontal cracks. Due to its elasticity, it is perfect for sealing joints, allowing the creation of a durable and safe layer on various surfaces.

Asphalt sealant

When sealing cracks, the flexible bituminous sealant allows precise and effective filling of each crack. Regardless of the surface type, our bituminous mass can provide professional and durable sealing. For filling horizontal cracks, our bituminous sealant is perfect for the job, thanks to its fluidity and ease of application. It can fill every crack, even in hard-to-reach places, ensuring durable and safe surface coverage.

It doesn’t matter if you need to seal connections in a building or fill cracks on a road surface. The flexible bituminous sealant is an excellent solution for any surface type, ensuring professional and long-lasting sealing of joints and cracks.