Hydroflex SYSTEM

High-quality and long-lasting waterproofing

with the Bitumer Hydroflex System

The HYDROFLEX system is an innovative and modern approach to waterproofing coatings, consisting of 3 steps that provide high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance for many years.

It features excellent adhesion to concrete, metal, asphalt, bituminous felt, ceramic tiles, glass, mosaic or old acrylic-based coatings.

The HYDROFLEX system is widely used in the protection of roofs, terraces, balconies, verandas, waterproofing of swimming pools, waterproofing inside and outside buildings, protection of concrete structures, tunnels, bridges, bases, protection of polyurethane foam insulation, as insulation of flowerbeds and wherever open flames cannot be used.

Thanks to its high adhesion to a wide range of substrates, HYDROFLEX System makes it possible to protect old roof coatings made of roofing paper, EPDM, PVC or made of acrylic, without the need to tear off and remove the old covering, thus significantly reducing labor costs.

The HYDROFLEX system is ideal for all maintenance and repair work, in the application of installation of solar panels and satellite dishes or air conditioning systems.

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