Bitumer Clean-Bit

Bitumen stain removal solution

Bitumer Clean-Bit is a solvent-based cleaner designed to remove bitumen, tar, grease, and oil stains from various types of surfaces, e.g : steel, concrete, plastic or chrome surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning tools after working with heavy petroleum products. The material deeply penetrates the cleaned surface, reacts with the oil stains dissolving them and at the same time breaking down their structure. Coat the cleaned surface with Bitumer Clean-Bit and leave it for 2 minutes to pre-dissolve the dried layer of asphalt, tars and greases. Dirt with a thickness of more than 1 mm requires longer time of application of the preparation – up to 10 min. Then wipe the dirt off the cleaned surface with a microfiber cloth.


  • Containers IBC 1000 l
  • Drums 200 l
  • Pails 30 l, 20 l, 10 l, 5 l

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