Adhesion promoters

Bitumer PAD+ phosphate adhesion promoter

Bitumer PAD+ is an adhesion promoter used in production of cold- and hot-applied mineral and asphalt mixtures. It improves the bond between the aggregate and bitumen, which significantly increases durability of asphalt surfaces.  It is excellent for acidic aggregate mixtures, with a silica content exceeding 50%.

  • Hot-applied mineral-asphalt mixtures: 0.4-0.9 % in relation to bitumen,
  • Cold-applied mineral-asphalt mixtures: 0.5 – 1.0 % in relation to bitumen
  • Bitumer PAD+ can be dosed directly into the container with hot bitumen up to 160 degrees Celsius

Semi-liquid, brown paste with a distinct smell.

Product can be stored in plastic barrels and 1000l IBC containers.

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