Packaged asphalt

Packaged Asphalt


Bitumer sp z o. o. offers asphalt in 200 l barrels and siliconed cartons 20 kg in a wide range of grades:

  • 20/30
  • 50/70
  • 70/100
  • 160/200

Our wide range of products includes top-quality packaged asphalt. It is commonly used in road construction and recycling. Bitumer asphalt is a product that is solid, damage-resistant, and weatherproof. Our prices are affordable, competitive, and adjusted to your needs.

Our packaged asphalt can be used in recyclers. Roadworks contractors also utilise it for edge protection. Its weatherproofness makes it the best choice. Packaged asphalt is a crucial component in road construction and rehabilitation

You can purchase other types of asphalt with a minimum 10 tonnes.

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BIG bags, BIG solutions for bitumen

We introduce you to innovation in bitumen logistics – Big Bag Bitumen in grade 50/70 and 60/90. Designed to revolutionize the way you transport and store bitumen, our big bags offer unmatched convenience, efficiency, and reliability.

  • Ease of Handling: Say goodbye to cumbersome handling processes. Our big bags are designed for easy loading, unloading, and transportation, reducing labor requirements and streamlining operations.
  • Secure Containment: Big bags are engineered with robust materials to securely contain bitumen, eliminating the risk of leaks and spillage during transportation and storage.
  • Versatile Transportation: Whether you’re transporting bitumen across short distances or long hauls, Big Bag Bitumen by Bitumer offers unparalleled versatility. Customize transportation to your needs
  • Protection from Environmental Factors: Big Bag Bitumen by Bitumer shields your bitumen from environmental factors such as moisture, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring its integrity and longevity.
  • Cost Savings: By streamlining transportation, handling, and storage processes, our big bags help you minimize costs and maximize efficiency, ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

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Types of Bitumer packaged asphalt

Bitumer offers a wide selection of packaged asphalt. Basic types include:

  • 20/30
  • 50/70
  • 70/100
  • 160/200

And more. We offer packaged asphalt crafted to your needs with minimum order quantity of 10 tonnes.

Safe and comfortable use of packaged asphalt

Our packaged asphalt is safe for users, and easy to use in road construction. The high-quality material creates a flat, event surface without dilatations. It is ready to use after only several hours from pouring. Moreover, asphalt reduces splash & spray, offers excellent contrast and visibility of road surface marking. From a regular user’s point of view, the asphalt is comfortable to use and quiet.

Bitumer asphalt – comfort of use

Bitumer’s packaged asphalt is a well-known and reliable technology. It is affordable and easily applicable. In comparison to other methods, the use of asphalt allows for rehabilitation of wearing course only, and does not require costly conversion.
Asphallt surfaces are 100% ecological. Whole of the material can be recycled. Unlike tar, which is harmful, asphalt is safe for both workers and people in the vicinity of the roadworks.
Bitumer packaged asphalt is undoubtedly of the highest quality, and can be used for road construction and rehabilitation. It allows the entire investment to be carried out in compliance with environmental decision and sustainability criteria.

Bitumer offers a competitive selection of road rehabilitation products

Are you looking for professional solutions to facilitate your investment? Bitumer packaged asphalt is the best material at an affordable price. It allows you to create safe and durable surface anywhere you desire. Convenient application and a wide range of products allow for achieving the desired results. So better not wait. Contact us today via phone or e-mail – we will prepare a personalised offer just for you.