Asphalt sludge

Bitumer ASPHALT SLUDGE - asphalt grout with mineral filler for partial road rehabilitation

Product intended for cold-applied asphalt surface conservation. Bitumer ASPHALT SLUDGE is used for regeneration of damaged asphalt surfaces. The material proves itself in preventing surface destruction and sealing the asphalt layer if it has not been overlaid with a wearing course before winter.

The grout is used to:

  • regenerate the asphalt surface
  • seal porous asphalt surfaces
  • inhibit surface deterioration

Surface preparation:

Before starting work, the substrate must be dry or slightly damp, smooth (without cracks, cavities, protruding fragments), and free from any impurities that could impair bonding (grease, oil, grease, paint residue). Fill cavities exceeding 3 mm with Flexigum N2 grout

Work should be carried out in dry conditions, with air and substrate temperatures between +5 °C and +30 °C and an expected lack of precipitation until setting. The setting time depends on the temperature and relative humidity of the air. A drop in temperature and increase in humidity can extend the setting time up to several days . Work is not recommended when humidity is above 80%. During the setting period, the insulation must be protected from frost, contact with water and mechanical damage

Precautions and product information:

Protect from frost. Store and transport at temperature from +5˚C to +30˚C. Shelf life in tightly closed, undamaged packaging is at least 12 months. The product is packed in 20 kg buckets.

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