Polyurethane expansion joint compound – Flexigum PU

Bitumer Flexigum PU cold-applied crack sealant

Bitumer Flexigum PU is a one-component bitumen-polyurethane compound that forms a permanently flexible and chemically resistant fastening and stress transfer compound. Polyurethane sealing compound produced on the basis of high-quality polymer-modified bitumen and polyurethane. The material is flexible in all weather conditions, resistant to water, salt, weak acids. It has very good adhesion to mineral and bituminous substrates.



  • For continuous resilient fixing of the rail as a subfloor,
  • Rail fastening compound and as a lagging for the underfloor,
  • For making permanent and flexible expansion joints between concrete slabs and elements made of steel,
  • Filling the gaps located between the road strip and the rail,
  • For filling concrete-to-concrete joints
  • Filling joints, gaps, cracks and expansion joints in heavily worked asphalt and concrete pavements ( e.g., curbs on bridges),
  • Filling joints “working” on steel and concrete Bridges and other pavements characterized by strong movements.



Conditions during application and setting application temperature: from +5 ° C to +35 ° C.

Performing sealing in airless conditions should not be carried out.



  •  The high spreadability and low viscosity of the product ensures thorough penetration of cracks increasing the contact area between the concrete and the formed seal.
  • Does not require the use of specialized bitumen heating equipment to make the expansion joint,
  • Does not require the use of tools to “force” the mass into the expansion gap. The pourability of the product at the initial stage allows you to simply pour the mass into the gap and wait for it to cure.
  • Very high flexibility ensures effective stress transfer,
  • It is possible to make connections up to 5 cm wide,
  • Highly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

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