Bituminous mass for road repairs

This type of material has a wide range of uses and is particularly important in the road industry where high-quality bituminous materials are essential. At Bitumer, we offer ready-to-use bituminous mixtures for road repairs.

What is bituminous mass?

Asphalt mixture is a blend of aggregates, binder (usually asphalt), and various fillers. Mixtures with this composition have been used since the beginning of the 20th century for creating road surfaces and repairs.

The production process of bituminous material involves screening and separating heated aggregates into fractions, which are then stored in chambers. The material is then weighed and transferred to a mixer, and a screw feeder is used to meter and deposit the material into silos. Bituminous mixtures can be produced both at cold and hot temperatures.

Waterproofing materials based on bitumen can occur as:

  • Bituminous-rubber mixture – can be diluted with water or solvents, and after application, it forms a rubbery, flexible coating. This material can be used inside buildings and can be used with rubber to glue extruded and expanded polystyrene products.
  • Asphalt-resin mixture – is a semi-liquid substance used for waterproofing. If several layers are applied, it can serve as a waterproof insulation. Recommended for external use, this material can be used as a bond coat for installing roofing felt and for maintenance work on bituminous roofing elements.
  • Asphalt-polymer mixture – is a thick felt material used for making light vertical and horizontal insulation.
  • Single-component bituminous mixtures – used mainly for maintenance or renovation work on roofs covered with bituminous materials.
  • Two-component bituminous mixtures – used for creating thick-layer coatings and characterized by a high degree of elasticity. This material can be used for making light and heavy vertical and horizontal insulation.

masa bitumiczna

Asphaltic mass – applications

Bituminous mixtures are particularly useful for roadwork, such as repairing surfaces and filling in potholes. This material is not only used for road repairs but also for parking lots, footpaths, driveways, squares, and other road infrastructure elements made of asphalt.

Bituminous material for use at cold temperatures is also excellent for smaller jobs such as leveling surfaces near drainage grates, curb fragments, or drainage manholes.

However, bituminous material has a much wider range of uses. This material is also used in construction – it is used to create waterproofing for building foundations and footings. Bituminous materials also allow for moisture protection of walls and floors in garages and basements, as well as entire terraces and balconies. They are often used as horizontal insulation in inverted roof structures.

These types of products are usually available on the construction market as ready-to-use mixtures. Bituminous material can also be purchased in bags, which is usually used for renovating road surfaces, and as a spray, as rust-protective paint.

Advantages of bituminous material

Bituminous material is very popular because it allows for quick repairs to be made. This is particularly important when repairing road surfaces, which are used by many people on a daily basis. In addition, bituminous materials can be applied regardless of the weather or time of year. This material is long-lasting, durable, and highly resistant to mechanical and static loads.

To use bituminous material at cold temperatures, there is no need for specialized equipment. This makes repair of damages not only efficient but also relatively inexpensive. All that is required is to clean the surface of contaminants, lay the mixture, and then evenly spread and compact it. The prepared surface can be used immediately after the work is completed.

Ready-to-use asphalt mixtures are easy to use

Bituminous masses not only insulate the ground from excessive moisture absorption, but are also resistant to the effects of solar radiation. They also work well in places with low temperatures. A properly prepared mixture allows for high tire grip on the surface, making it easy for cars to navigate turns and significantly reducing braking time.

The versatility of use, availability, and ease of application make bituminous masses very often used in construction and renovation works. The proper selection of ingredients guarantees excellent protection against moisture and other external factors. Asphalt-polymer masses allow for the construction of lightweight vertical and horizontal insulation. They can also be used inside buildings and sometimes contain special reinforcement, making them suitable for areas with water retention. Ready-made mass is available directly from us – check out the Bitumer offer.