Waterproofing Compound – Bitumer Hydropur 2K

Waterproofing Compound - Bitumer Hydropur 2K

Bitumer Hydropur 2K Waterproofing Compound

Polyurethane-bituminous waterproofing compound. Highly elastic and durable membrane for insulation applications.

Bitumer Hydropur 2K is a two-component product consisting of hydrophobic polyurethane resins. The resulting membrane is characterized by high elasticity, excellent mechanical resistance, and chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, and fuels.

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Bitumer Hydropur 2K Product Characteristics

Bitumer Hydropur 2K is a high-performance waterproofing compound that withstands up to 30 meters of liquid column pressure. It offers excellent adhesion to all types of substrates and forms a seamless, continuous elastic bituminous mass without any thickness limit. This product provides high resistance to water pressure and has crack bridging capabilities.

The Bitumer Hydropur 2K is also known for its outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals, aviation fuel, kerosene, oils, saltwater, acids, and alkalis. No heating is required during application, as hardening occurs through a chemical reaction, allowing for easy application and quick repairs.

This highly durable polyurethane-bituminous waterproofing solution is resistant to sewage, fuel, and slurry. It serves as an ideal alternative to roofing felt and is perfect for bridging structural concrete cracks. Bitumer Hydropur 2K can be used to renew existing roofing felt waterproofing, providing a highly efficient solution for various insulation needs.

Bitumer Hydropur 2K more information

Bitumer Hydropur 2K is a versatile waterproofing solution that forms a uniform coating, tightly securing the structure of flat roofs, inverted roofs, tunnels, and foundations. It is ideal for waterproofing underground parts of buildings exposed to groundwater and can withstand high liquid column pressures.

This puncture-resistant product is easy to repair and highly pourable, allowing it to deeply penetrate any cracks and fissures present in the structure. Bitumer Hydropur 2K is a highly elastic polyurethane-bituminous membrane designed for sealing roofs and offers exceptional chemical resistance for the resulting waterproofing layer.

The quick polymerization time of just 4 hours makes this product convenient and efficient to use. It retains its elasticity at temperatures up to 90°C (194°F) and is resistant to seawater. There is no need for a torch during application, as the two-component product chemically polymerizes to create a uniform sealing mass.

Bitumer Hydropur 2K also has crack-sealing properties for concrete, making it a reliable and comprehensive solution for various waterproofing and insulation needs.

Ideal for Heavy-duty Underground Waterproofing Applications

Bitumer Hydropur 2K is highly recommended for heavy-duty waterproofing of underground parts of buildings exposed to groundwater. It is designed to provide reliable protection in challenging conditions, making it a go-to solution for various applications.

This versatile compound can be used for waterproofing roofs, ensuring that they remain dry and protected against leaks and moisture intrusion. Additionally, Bitumer Hydropur 2K is perfect for sealing expansion joints in working elements, providing a durable and flexible seal that can accommodate structural movements.

The Bitumer Hydropur 2K formula is resistant to aggressive compounds found in soil, ensuring that the waterproofing layer remains intact and effective even when exposed to harsh underground environments. This combination of strength, versatility, and durability makes it an ideal choice for numerous waterproofing applications in both above-ground and underground structures.