Bitumer Flexigum HydroBLOCK

Bitumer – Flexigum HydroBLOCK

High-class polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane applied hot is perfectly suitable for:

  • performing waterproofing of flat roofs and roof terraces,
  • adhering traditional asphalt shingles on cardboard or fiberglass mat to a previously primed substrate,
  • ideal for bonding individual layers of roofing felt together in multi-layer systems for roofing,
  • the lack of any solvents in the bitumen structure shortens the binding time,
  • for performing moisture insulation on the exteriors of buildings,
  • for performing durable seamless waterproofing of roofs and roof terraces.

Key properties:

  • highly elastic hot mass creates a permanent membrane resistant to freeze-thaw cycles after binding,
  • retains elasticity to a temperature of -15˚C,
  • provides crack bridging,
  • high polymer content ensures the creation of a flexible and durable waterproofing membrane,
  • dry mass content: 100%.


  • apply the membrane at a temperature of 150-180˚C,
  • apply at least 2 layers – each 1-1.5 mm thick.

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