Primer for casting masses – Primbit R

Bitumer Primbit R


Bitumer Primbit R  is a high-quality solvent-based asphalt solution with additives. It is used to prime the surface of a structure before applying the actual asphalt insulation and to maintain corroded concrete surfaces. It is an adhesion-enhancing and priming compound for asphalt masses.

  • ready for use after mixing,
  • waterproof, immediately after laying on the surface to be insulated is completely resistant to water flushing,
  • highly efficient, increases the adhesion of substrates to proper insulation,
  • perfectly penetrates deep into insulated surfaces,
  • for application by brush or roofing brush,
  • has good adhesion to dry substrates (concrete, tar paper, eternit, steel structures, etc.),
  • when dry, forms a uniform strong and flexible coating resistant to weathering and biological corrosion.

Bitumer Primbit R solution is used for:

  • priming and undercoating under hot-mix flooding compounds, heat-sealable membranes, stickies,
  • protecting concrete from corrosion and moisture,
  • for effective systemic moisture protection of roofs, soffits, concrete screeds, basements, baths, terraces, footings and foundations.
  • for making anti-corrosive coatings,
  • has good adhesion to dry substrates (concrete, tar paper, eternit, steel structures, etc.),
  • perfectly penetrates deep into insulated surfaces,
  • when dry forms a uniform strong and flexible coating resistant to atmospheric factors and biological corrosion.

The substrate for moisture and waterproof coatings must be level (without cracks, cavities, protruding fragments),free of any contaminants that can impair the bond (fats, oils, grease, laitance). All edges should be chamfered, concave corners should be rounded with cement mortar, a facet should be used at the joints of vertical and horizontal surfaces.Fill any damage to the substrate, joints, crawls, gaps.Surfaces with irregular shapes, numerous cavities or protuberances should be covered with cement plaster before priming


The solution should be thoroughly mixed before proceeding. Once mixed, ready for use, The compound can be applied to the surface by hand with a brush, roller or roof brush. Sprayable application is possible.


The work should be carried out in dry conditions, with air and substrate temperature from +5 °C to +30 °C. Setting time depends on temp.(for 20°C full setting occurs after 24h) and air mass movements.To avoid damage to the insulated surface, e.g. during backfilling of an excavation or landslide, wait until the insulation is completely dry and use appropriate drainage boards or other covers. The product contains organic solvents.


0,2-0,4 kg/m² (depending on the type of surface)

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