Hot-applied crack sealants

Bitumer sp. z o. o. is a leading manufacturer of hot-applied crack sealants that meet the PN-EN 14188:1 and 14188:2 norms. The products include:

  • Bitumer Flexigum N1 – hot-applied, high-durability elastic crack sealant
  • Bitumer Flexigum N2 – N2 type, low-elongation, hot-applied crack sealant
  • Bitumer Flexigum N10 – low-elongation, stress-resistant, hot-applied crack sealant
    The materials can easily complement any type of concrete and asphalt joints.

Bitumer Flexigum N1

Bitumer Flexigum N2

Bitumer Flexigum N10

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Hot-applied crack sealer can be used in different kinds of surfaces and expansion joints. Depending on type, the mix can be used in concrete, concrete-asphalt, and asphalt joints. Hot-applied crack sealants are characterized by high or low extensibility, depending on their type. Selected products are excellent in expansion joints that are subjected to stress.

There are three types of crack sealers available at website Main types of sealants include: high- and low-elongation products. These are durable, weather-resistant, high-grade products. Any surface needs to be properly prepared before work can commence. Most of all, it needs to be dry and clean. To achieve this, any oil residue and loose chunks need to be removed. Proper conditions guarantee high adhesion and long-lasting effects.

Hot-applied crack sealant – product characteristics

  • Crack sealant is highly weather-resistant (this includes rain, negative temperatures, or sunlight), which makes it extremely durable;
  • High durability regardless of the temperature;
  • Excellent water resistance of any type of surface.
  • High resistance to acids, bases, and salts.
  • Crack sealant has excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Depending on the type, crack sealant can work well as a material in movement joints and for filling slight slope and horizontal joints;
  • The material has a high resistance to both the ageing of the product and the filling;
  • The material is easy to apply and level;
  • It perfectly fills large and small cracks in asphalt surfaces.

All masses produced by Bitumer Sp z o.o. comply with the requirements of PN-EN 14188:1 and 14188:2 standards.